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1992-2021: The Kos Zoophilic Ecological Association has completed almost 30 years of hard and lively presence in the local social events, always with the aim of protecting the natural environment and the well-being of stray animals. From the beginnings until today, we have carried out hundreds of thousands of collections and sterilizations in collaboration with the Municipalities of Dikaio, Heraklion and Kos, activating the veterinarians of our island, as we had the dynamic support of volunteer veterinarians from abroad (Austria, Switzerland, Germany and others).

Tens of hundreds of Greek animal lovers participated in this program and helped to reduce and control stray animals (dogs, cats), as well as with the care of equidae (donkeys, mules, etc.), such as nail trimming, filing, tooth cleaning, horseshoes, deworming etc.

In the winter we also had extra work with the injured (often from weapons) wild birds (eagle hawks, owls, owls, flamingos, etc.) which were often sent on to the wildlife and bird treatment centers (in Paros and Aegina).

Everything was driven by the love for nature and for animals, which, if we see them as soul creatures, which often hurt and suffer in the presence of the sinful human. However, if sensitized, the latter can become a 'guardian angel' of Creation and Nature in general.

In the year 2022, the new law L.483021, assigns exclusively as responsible the Municipalities for the collection, marking and sterilization of stray dogs, cats, as well as the obligation of the medical care of sick or injured animals.

Therefore, the Board of ZOEK has decided to close the shelter for stray animals in Lampi, as we do not want, nor can we, due to the conditions such as the location of the space, issue such a state shelter permit.

At the same time, the members of ZOEK and I personally, as President, are ready to help our Municipality make a Municipal Shelter functional, in order to ensure the proper welfare of stray animals, to be a place to visit and an example for the other Municipalities of the South Aegean.

The action of our association continues in the protection of animals and the natural environment, as well as in the protection of the beaches, where e.g. loggerhead turtles incubate, and the two recognized nature reserve wetlands (Psalidiou - Aliki Tigakiou). It is the duty of every philanthropic citizen and our duty to preserve our cultural heritage (for future generations).

We thank all the sensitive citizens, institutions, Municipalities, who have cared and been interested in us until today. We especially thank the Hellenic Police, the Port Authority, the Fire Brigade and the Forest Service, for their great contribution to the difficult work of our association.

The President,
Vangelis Trakossas


Sonne, Strand, Meer, griechische Musik in der Taverne... Leider gibt es auf der Ferieninsel Kos auch viel Leid: Hunde und Katzen streunen am Strand und in den Siedlungen umher, ausgehungert, oft verletzt oder krank, manchmal auch misshandelt.

Manche Touristen versuchen ihnen zu helfen, füttern sie, lassen sie verarzten. Aber wenn die Ferien-Saison vorüber ist, nimmt das Drama seinen Lauf. Die Tiere werden von den Hotel-Anlagen vertrieben, wandern rastlos auf der Suche nach Futter umher, werden angefahren oder gar umgebracht.

Tierschützer vor Ort geben ihr Bestes (und Letztes), um den Tieren zu helfen. Sie führen Kastrationsaktionen durch, füttern die Tiere, geben sie in Pflege in der Hoffnung, sie eines Tages an liebende Menschen vermitteln zu können, die ihnen ein Zuhause bieten.

Aber die Mittel der TierschützerInnen sind beschränkt und sie brauchen Unterstützung. Möchten Sie dazu beitragen, einem heimatlosen Tier ein besseres Leben zu schenken? Dann können Sie das auf vielfältige Weise tun.

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Sunshine, beaches, the sea, Greek music in the taverns… Unfortunately, there is also a lot of suffering and pain on the holiday island of Kos: dogs and cats roam about on the beaches and in town, starved, often injured or ill, sometimes even mistreated. Some tourists try to help them, by feeding them or having them treated by a vet. However, when the holiday season is over, the real drama takes its course. The animals are driven off the hotel premises; they roam about restlessly, looking for food, and are hit by cars or even killed on purpose.

Local animal conservationists do their best (and spend their last euro) to help the animals. They carry out castration campaigns, feed the animals, find foster homes for them, hoping that one day they can be placed with loving people who can offer them permanent homes.

The animal friends’ means, though, are limited, and they need our support. Would you like to contribute to offering a stray animal a better life? If so, you can do so in various ways.


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