Willst du mich adoptieren? / Will you adopt me?

DONDAS male, *ca. 2010, castrated. Dondas lived with some Roma people, who did not care for him properly. He was starving and full of ticks. Another Roma secretly 'dumped' him at the shelter about two years ago. He has been living here since then. He is a very friendly and social dog (with people as well as other dogs) and likes jumping around in the garden. Only when there's lighting and thunder, he is scared and wants to hide indoors. We would be very happy for him to find a loving forever home. (2015)

CHARÁ female, *ca. 2007. Chará was a stray dog at a hotel area, who had a litter of puppies there. Sadly, when a Greek woman found them, they had all died from the cold and the rain. The kind woman called Vangelis, who took her into the shelter, where she has been living since then. Chará is quite a character. She loves being with people and cats and dogs. However, she knows how to 'stand up for herself' when it comes to defending her food or her 'privacy'. We love her. Nonetheless, wer would be happy for her if she were adopted into a loving forever home, where she could spend the latter half of her life in a safe and cosy environment.

MEET "KOKKINO" Male, *ca. June 2015. Kokkino was a stray cat, who roamed the area close to the café of some animal friends. He was not well so they had pity on him and took him in. However, as they already have two dogs, they couldn't keep him. He's currently living at the shelter. He has recovered from diarrhea and is fine now. He has a lovely, peaceful character, gets on well with other cats and definitely wants the company of people and a home. We would be very happy for him to be adopted into a loving forever home..

Viele Hunde und Katzen suchen noch ein Zuhause...
Falls sie einem Tier ein liebevolles, dauerhaftes Zuhause bieten möchten, zögern Sie nicht, uns zu kontaktieren.

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Many cats and dogs are still looking for permanent homes...
If you wish to offer an animal a loving forever home, don't hesitate to contact us.

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